George W. Bush 2 by Marta S. Gufstasson. In a festival of imagination and colors, “we the people” of the world united their artistic efforts and creativity around a common muse: Bush.

Never before has a U.S. president evoked such an outpouring of artistic inspiration abroad. With his face depicted in frescoes and graffiti in 25 countries around the globe, the art world has stepped in to ensure that George W. Bush’s visual image, at least, will resonate with generations for years after his term ends. From South America to Australia, from Europe to Africa, no continent is spared in this outburst of love!? In one voice, we eloquently dedicate this tribute to you.

Here are some of our favorites:

Argentina portrays our cowboy president ridin’ his noble steel:

From our friends in New Zealand:

And the only solution, according to a wall in East London:

Side rant/Relevance to branding:
With virtually no experience or qualification aside from blood affiliation, Bush was propelled into the Oval Office, continuing a trend of “puppet” presidents that began with Reagan. What does it say about a country that chooses such presidents – the “brand” of a country, so to speak? (in a manner of speaking, the president is, very much, the face of a country to the international community).

2 thoughts on “united we stand!”

  1. Thanks for sharing these captivating images! They brilliantly scream aloud the messages that have been ringing in my head for far too many years.

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