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Virgin America, new wings to fly!

In its “how to fly” aggressive and ambitious campaign message, Virgin America is spreading its conqueror wings over the American market.To seduce the potential demand, Virgin innovated and invested liberally. From the “revamped” 350 bus stops in San Francisco to the food on demand on board, Virgin sees “BIG”. Random is not part of the equation.


Little problem, though, in its ideal picture, only higher household incomes or educated will get the lucky ticket.

Gale “vice-president/marketing” at Virgin America will humanize the air travel policy, by segregating?

Let’s see if like the Phoenix, Virgin will break through the protectionist and chauvinistic layers of the American air corridors or like Icarus will burn its wings.

Care to read more? MediaPost has an intersting blog post on Virgin’s new campiagn here.

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