war on terrorA few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting 3 amazing artists who imagined, created and illustrated, this amazing board game called War on Terror. Really.

It’s been described as a cross between risk and monopoly, only a bit more diabolical. It’s a satirical way to look at (and play) the war on terror. Think about it…. If asked if I thought the game was sick, dangerous or in bad taste, I would simply reply “isn’t War on Terror dangerous, sick and in bad taste?” At least the family can play this game together and talk about it in a safe environment. That’s just what my 8 year old son, Miro and I did. Our first exposure to the game was through a War on Terror tournament,? sponsored by the Hollywood comic book store Meltdown. We participated with dozens of others, all were either terrorists or leader of an empire, each fighting for control of the largest territory and the most powerful empire.? (And my son Miro actually wonmiro war on terror!) There was so much buzz around the game and interest, there was actually 2 camera crews there documenting the event. We signed releases for Al Gore’s network and a documentary film crew out of London, so I’m sure they caught my son’s win on film.

In fact, the creators of game have gotten much press. According to their web site‘s press section, when Forbes Magazine interviewed the creators in December of 2006, they were asked if they thought the subject War on Terror was in bad taste. Their response was,? “The fact that people can play it around a table, laughing and discussing, is refreshing,” And guess what? That’s just what you will do when you play the game. (We did.)

Summing up the experience beautifully: Regardless of where you fall politically, this is the game you’ve been waiting for… now you can bomb their villages, towns, cities, countries, and empires into complete submission in an act of ironic detachment or blood-lusting craze. If you like RISK and Monopoly, this is a game that combines the best of both, then adds WMDs, Suicide Bombers, Dirty Bombs, Nuclear Weapons and a ski mask with the word “Evil” stitched across the forehead. One spin of the Axis of Evil, and you know you’re in for quality entertainment. Fund and fight terrorism (often simultaneously), use Weapons Inspectors, Nuclear Bunkers, and clean up radioactive areas, all in one turn. Stop second guessing your leaders and finally answer that question: “If I were trying to fight a war on the most dangerous abstract noun known to man, how would I do it?”


War on Terror, the game.

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