water, water nothing but water…

Danced and sung by Gene Kelly, venerated by countries with a minimal hydrometry, covering 70% of the surface of the earth, water as the symbol of fertility, life is welcomed and praised everywhere but in …Venice.

What comes to mind when we see present time pictures of Venice is who could have guessed that the city of water would one day emulate the mythic Atlantis in its tragic fate?

Far from being a tale originated from the Greek mythology, Venetians are witnessing powerless the wrath of Poseidon or more rationally the consequence of the annunciated global warming.

Now and then, we are informed of the disappearance of animal species, of the meltdown of glacial regions somewhere in the world but it’s so far from our lives that it is almost unrealistic!

But this time, only eleven hours separate us from the premises of the catastrophe, from the fantasy, the fear of the reality. For the people who need to see to believe, open your eyes, the images are eloquent about the Venetian tragedy. Contrary to the Poles, Venice is accessible to whom disposes of an airplane ticket for a pseudo-romantic trip.

Venice, to my regret, is sinking.? ? Subjected to flood tides from Autumn to Spring, it incresases its odds to sinking.

Stoic facing the events, Venetians adapt their everyday lives to their city whims and? rhythm. Armed with boots and umbrellas the climatic adversity doesn’t scare them anymore! Fatality or fortitude what wouldn’t they do for the love of their city?

Saint Mark’s square, the core of Venice that my feet once stepped upon, is already under water! No more pigeons, no more tourists enjoying a cappuccino or a gelato at the terrace of the cafes, no more pigeon-man surrounded by the flashes of voyeur-like cameras. All those nostalgic images will sink into forgetfulness or be part of the past.

Not so fast… Experts say that the best way to save Venice is to lift the city above sea level by pumping water into the soil underneath the city!

Who is next? The Netherlands?


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