Social media networking provides business powerful tools to discover what makes their customers tick.  Become truly engaged with your audience and they’ll tell you how they want to do business, what they really need from you, what they can spend money on and much, much more.  So how can a business become more desirable, approachable and engaging in the eyes of their target audience?

Here are five things your company can do today to become “engagement” material.
1.  Present your audience with only the best quality content.  There is no way around this requirement. If you aren’t producing high quality content your target customer will never engage in a conversation with your company or share it with their associates.
2.  Story telling is a great way of engaging your audience.  Share your experiences with the product, service or event.  Never just crank out a lecture or list of facts without any human touch.
3.  Make use of video and audio not just images and written posts.  Video with you or a company representative on camera is proven to be successful for engaging audiences better than any other method.  Engagement is so important to social media success video is becoming a mandatory tool for all companies serious about social marketing.
4.  Create conversations not lectures.  Many companies use social media like they would a website.  This is a big mistake.  Content should not be promotional it should be conversational. People want to talk not buy or be sold to when they are on social websites.  Engage these future customers by having conversations that lead to recommendations only occasionally and only at their request.
5.  Don’t be the professor be one of the students.  No one likes a know it all so never be one.  Create a conversation by asking questions and learning from your audience.   This is the quickest way to starting a dialogue that will lead to full engagement with your customer and them sharing the great experience they had with your company with others.
Start interacting with your company’s audience and building relationships with social media today.  Just remember you must provide valuable content via a storytelling, conversational style.  Use video and audio to start these conversations and always try to be just “one of the gang”.  If you can do all this your company will start receiving some very valuable customer proposals before you know it.

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