What’s in a Term?

When a few of us started  we had never even heard the terms “New Media” or “Web 2.0.”

But now that we’ve been here a while, these terms have become as familiar as “peanut butter” and “sidewalk.”

Here’s what we know:

1. The term “New Media” was most famously introduced to the masses in 2003, with the publication of Steve Jones’ Encyclopedia of New Media: An Essential Reference to Communication and Technology (SAGE Publications. ISBN 0-7619-2382-9).

2. The term “Web 2.0” was coined in 2004, by O’Reilly media, to express the technology created in response to the cultural shift initiated by New Media.

3. Now, at four years old, the New Media and Web 2.0 revolution is infiltrating all aspects of web marketing – from new proposals to standby-site re-launches. MySpace is a defining new media paradigm, while companies like AOL, who recently abandoned its subscription-based services in favor of a free, ad-supported model, are jumping on the business opportunities offered by New Media.

4. Now that Web 2.0 is more recognized as an important aspect of modern marketing agendas, marketers are shifting their focus from targeting a larger demographic (or critical mass), in favor of targeting their current market more deeply.

Shiv Singh, over at Avenue A~Razorfish, has writtenIntranet Trends for 2006, which summarizes and evaluates some important facts to keep in mind at the dawn of this new marketing, and human, revolution.

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