Branding Value Now Advertising,Design Intelligence What if we used only what we needed?

What if we used only what we needed?

No excess. No waste. This is the message the Denver Water Council want you to remember as it pertains to your water usage. Great ad campaign by Sukle Advertising & Design in Denver Colorado. (Hey, isn’t that right by the Rockies? ) + Great many executions.. Yeah, got the point.

Use only what you need

Found: this much water each person could save in a year by switching to a high efficiency toilet. Now multiply that by every member of your family. Use Only What You Need

Gone: History. Adios. Sayonara. Kaput. This much water down the drain every month if you don’t adjust your sprinkler system. Use Only What You Need

Missing: This much water all from one lousy running toilet in just one month. Buy a new flapper and call off the search. Use Only What You Need

Use Only What You Need.

use what you need

Use only what you need
Keep our rivers Flowing

Advertising Agency: Sukle Advertising & Design, Denver, USA
Creative Director: Mike Sukle
Art Directors: Andy Dutlinger, Jeff Euteneuer
Copywriter: Jim Glynn
Photographer: Brian Mark
Retouching: Matt Carpenter
Published: July 2008

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1 thought on “What if we used only what we needed?”

  1. Aldis says:

    Wow i love the uniqueness and variety in this ad campaign.

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