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As Michael Moore’s movie “Sicko” decorticates impartially the U.S. general health state, the? diagnosis as the head of the health department checks its pulse, is alarming. The USA suffers from an internal hemorrhage.

As pharmaceutical companies monopolize the drug market (with the most diversified scope of molecules) by imposing ludicrous prices, as insurance companies apply the garrote at the carotid, as they go for the jugular, the patient chokes, bleeds in providing contributions that will never be fully retributed.

As tragedies suddenly strike the faithful subscriber from his comfortable bubble he is consequently rejected from the elitist sphere of “alienable” right to health care, alleging “x” clause of their policy that doesn’t cover the expenses of “y” incurable? disease? (an incomprehensible jargon? illustrated in fine prints helps).

Numerous examples flourish on the medical system’s responsibility denials. It discriminates no gender, no race, no opinion…Its Achilles heel is money or more exactly your purchasing power,? your propensity to dispose of it liberally. The more you will invest in your health, the more coverage you will get. It’s proportional, it’s mathematical!

When baby A suffered from a rush of fever, her mother rushed her to Kaiser Permanente “where people thrive”, to be refused because it was not the referral hospital. Few hours later, arrived at destination she dies. When B is diagnosed with leukemia,? her insurance CIGNA? refuses her a liver transplant. She dies a couple of days ago in UCLA (ranked best hospital for 7 years).? When patient? C reached Martin Luther King Jr-Harbor Hospital, she agonizes during 45 minutes on her own in the crowded waiting room under the eye of the video-camera before she trepasses. When patient K like Kennedy has a stroke, the following day his doctor makes an apparition on national tv announcing his prompt recovery. That’s the result of years of governmental propaganda and indoctrination stating, you are not productive therefore you’re a nobody to the eyes of our society, no production, no rights, not enough production, no privileges!? Should society? has the opportunity to destitute any individual of its sacred rights, she will do it. Isn’it the living proof?

So far the U.S. society is far from being an incubator for its constituents,? hardly does it maintain suitable conditions for its people . As a MRI is easily accessible to the non-insured in most advanced countries, it’s synonymous of hardship in the land of the stars and stripes. When a brand name antibiotic costs $10 in? Danton’s land, it’s multiplied by 10 in Paul Revere’s stronghold. The tax barrier, the cost of search and development…what can explain logically this super-hyperbolic disparity? The margin of benefit?

What companies forget is that at the end of the chain only one agent controls the market, the customers. Customers forget that by simply boycotting? A or B or by negating any insurance policies, the ones who will be needing perfusions are the ones who invalidated them previously. Companies forget that customers fatten them!

As the medical corporation rents a page of advertising to express its grievances, to claim? its opposition to state budget cuts targeting their socio-economical position, we as potential customers should disengage from their solidarity movement. After all, are we regarded as individuals, numbers or files as we reach the threshold of any medical facility?? Nowadays smarter consumers? shift and export the demand by crossing the southern and northern borders of the U.S. for their medical supplies or surgeries. As companies delocate their production for lower costs, customers should do so.

Governments are chosen by people. It’s time for the U.S. government to step out of its federal fortress and meets the requirements of its people by proposing competitive products that will challenge the current monopolistic machine of health care. It’s time to abolish the eternal gap between possessors and deprived, it’s time that the Government who uniformely deducts consumption taxes from households favors equal rights for health care. It’s time to regulate the prices made by pharmaceutical companies and health care facilities. Conservative may? find this? soliloquy? ideologically socialistic, I will define it as social only!

So it’s time to put their bureaucracy ? in a diet, it’s time for the Government to define the “New Frontier” of health care, and the introduction of the plebiscited bill 676 in the House of Representatives? paves the way to equality and quality.

Under the form of a card, the insured? will be covered for primary cares.? ? Mental, dental, vision and chiropractic will be guaranteed. Prescribed drugs (generic medication will strongly be promoted)? will also be part of the package.? He will have the freedom to pick his licensed clinician, hospital? wherever in the U.S (no more insurance choosing the doctor or care facility? that will act conformably to their desiderata). Non-profit health maintenances that attract low income households will receive global budgets assuring quality services like.

The novelty appears in the financing process of the insurance, the USNHI program will increase personal income taxes on the top 5% income earners and? will impose a modest payroll tax and a small tax on stock and bond transactions.

Grey area exist, for instance, what does mean “Will take into consideration regional differences in reimbursement, but strive for a uniform national standard”? The intention is not enough! The cost of health care is the source of the problem, what will be done?? 676 should symbolize a new era in health care!

The U.S.? medical system should value desuet (?) Hyppocrates following words “I consider for the benefit of any patients, and abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischevious”.


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  1. George says:

    Michael Moore’s movie, Sicko, is his attempt at placing blame for the American health care crisis on the shoulders of the pharmaceutical companies and the government. Clearly, governmental agencies that are supposedly looking out for the welfare of the citizens are far from innocent, and pharmaceutical companies are anything but good Samaritans, but Michael couldn’t be more wrong on this one and need not look too much further than his own mirror to see the real problem.

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