Branding Value Now Conscious Thoughts,Political Activism when sex, drugs and oil rock!!!!!!!!!

when sex, drugs and oil rock!!!!!!!!!

In the cast, leading roles were attributed to the energy industry representatives (the bad) and U.S government employees (the ugly) as they mastered a new and unexpected episode of the famous 80’s TV show Dallas on Capitol Hill. All the secret ingredients for success were gathered once again, sex, drug and oil!

Who said that sex, drug, gifts, gratuities were inappropriate for oil companies budgetary strategies? Who said they were saints? Who said that working for the government meant total abstinence, or a higher tolerance to the sweetness of the world?? Who said corruption was eradicated? The difference is that this time, they caught their plump and sweaty hands in the cookie jar!

One third of the department was reckoned any involvement in the scandalous affair. It was no surprise to hear that most of them received as a “sentence” disciplinary actions effective in January, while leaving the office (installation of the new presidency)!? What a farce! The silence from the executive and therefore from the judiciary authorities says long about the association, the inculpation of the Bush’s administration.

A perfect example of collusion between the affluent industry and the influential sphere. The report revealed the 2002-2006 activity? of the department for selling oil and gas, its renting policy concerning drilling on federal lands.

From House speaker Pelosi to Sen. Feinstein, democrat voices are rising to expose and condemn corruption. In the same line of conduct Sen. Nelson urges the Congress to question offshore drilling.

The TV show always ended with the victory of the evil. The freeze of the investigation, the declination of further hearings are the proof that fiction aliments reality, or is it reality that nourishes fiction?

My friends, we are doomed!

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