… and other musings on life.

There just seems to be something about the aroma of food that jumpstarts the deep philosophizing for us at jungle[8].

Today’s late lunch (3:30pm!) was Asian fusion: salad, potstickers (both panfried and boiled), white rice, as well as the last of the steroid-injected potatoes (not pictured here because they were TOO BIG for the camera to get them in). Trust me though – they were huge! If the Irish had had them in the 19th century, there would not have been a famine, no siree.

Topics at the table today included:

– Why some (key word, some!) Prius owners are so darn haughty and self-righteous. Why other Prius owners only purchased said Prius because it suddenly became “trendy” to be eco-friendly (their family Suburban – soo three years ago! – has now been exiled to the garage). But in general, we love Priuses and are all for people purchasing them to help make our world a better place!

– Why panfried potstickers taste so much better than boiled ones? Or in the words of Lainie Liberti, jungle[8] principal and food extraordinarie: “We have potstickers with taste and potstickers without. Take a guess which is which.” Hint: it probably has something to do with the generous amount of sesame oil we used … which of course, only begs the question … why does fat taste so darn good???

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