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Write For Us

Are You A Brand, Marketing or Social Media Guru? Do You Have Knowledge to Share with Our Readers? Then We Invite You To Show Off Your Expertise.

We are seeking writers, entrepreneurs and experts within the branding, marketing, sales and social media sphere. This is an open invitation to  write for us and share your knowledge with our readers who deserve quality information to help run their businesses. Mentor them through sharing conscious business practices.

Who Are Our Readers?

Our readers are  business owners both large and small + serial entrepreneurs who are interested in growing their business in a conscious manner.

What Kind of Topics Are We Looking For?

If you can write and discuss these topics well, we’d love to hear from you.

  • Branding for Business
  • Developing a Personal Brand
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Market Research
  • Developing Market Strategies
  • Visual Design Strategy
  • Online Business Topics – SEO, Content, Writing, Traffic Generation
  • Sales & Marketing – Promotions, Incentives & New markets


  • Your posts must be unique and not republished anywhere. (If you’ve covered a topic before but are re-writing it for us from a new angle that’s fine.)
  • No affiliate links please. You may mention your own personal blog or profile but they may not be the focus of your posts – in other words no advertising and no commercial links.
  • You will receive a promotional bio which we ask you to keep to 25 words with a topic related website link. These bios can not be changed per article so please make sure your bio will fit with any article you submit to us.
  • There will be no monetary payment for contributions.
  • Do NOT send us press releases. They will be ignored.
  • Save yourself and us some time by letting us do the article formatting. Just paste your article into the email (left-aligned and in block-paragraphs, with no html markup or graphics, please) and we’ll do the rest.

How To Get Started

Please have read the guidelines & submit using the form below.  Please fill out all of the fields when submitting your article. Dont’ forget to include your  expertise is, your contact information and  your article  plus your biofully written, in the contact form below. BVN of us will get back to you before your submission is published.

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