Yikes! Public Wounds

We can all admit, Los Angeles is a driving culture, requiring cars for our main mode of transportation. Even though I love the downtown subway routes and often make the trek from downtown to Long Beach for weekend outings with my son, Angelenos don’t tend to spend the majority of their commute on the rail system. That being said, I recognize the relevance of the guerrilla style campaign, cultural commentary and brilliant entertainment, much in line with the anti- advertisement messages found with the billboard brigade.

I came across a site that posted? files for printable cold sores. (BRILLANT!)? What would you do with them and just why is that relevant to New Yorks subways? See for yourself, instructions pulled from the original post here.

1. Download the printable cold sore sheet. This is optimized for use with 1″ x 2 5/8″ Avery Easy Peel Clear Mailing Labels, #18660.

2. Print it out on a transparency sticker sheet.

3. Tag an subway poster that seems appropriate.

4. Document and submit to printablecoldsores@gmail.com
5. Repeat.

*NOTE: Tagging subway ads is illegal! You can make your point simply by documenting your work, removing your stickers, and submitting an image. I am in no way responsible for your actions, I am merely presenting a theoretical solution to a real-world problem.

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