Your New Friend on Facebook? An Online Shoe Store

The ability to reach customers — and better understand their needs and wants — has long been coveted in the business world. Customer feedback is the most direct path to product improvement. And what better way to get the masses engaged then by bloggin’, microbloggin’, tweetin’ and diggin’. Right? Are you speaking this language? Because an increasing portion of Corporate America is.

Awhile back social media expert Eric Schlissel visited the jungle[8] headquarters and shared a story of how customer/business relations can improve when social media is used effectively.

While attending a conference in Las Vegas, Schlissel dropped by a party put on by Schlissel was talking to other attendees when security came up to him and told him his shoes weren’t up to dress code. Schlissel found that ironic, considering he bought the shoes at Zappos, and used his phone to send a message on letting his followers in on the humor of the situation. Shortly thereafter he was contacted by a representative from Zappos who had seen his Twitter post and wanted to know all about the situation so it could be fixed properly. Talk about customer service. Schlissel spoke positively about his experience at Zappos, which later intrigued me to check out the site. Behold the power.

And now Kodak has become one of the latest companies to incorporate social media as a part of their business strategy. And even though the results are still developing early signs are positive.

The Beijing Olympics were a wonderful opportunity for Kodak to show off it’s new skill set and demo products at the same time. The sent their top blogger, armed with a camera and a laptop, to the other side of the world with the assignment to simply update daily. The results were a more personal account of The Games than what was being offered by mainstream media or other blogs more concerned with the Olympic scoreboard. Read more about it and an interview with the Kodak blog team here.

This is a trend that is about to catch fire. With good reason too. Social networking is addictive. And businesses could potentially find themselves as part of the fix. If they follow some simple rules. Keep it personal. Keep it short. And be wary of being invasive.

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