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your tweets can change the world after all!

Just read this blog posting on and was so thrilled Max Gladwell put together this list of the 10 Ways to Change the World Through Social Media. Gladwell points out, if you are already actively using social media applications, you are participating in the global consciousness anyway, may as well contribute to a positive change. Quoted from the blog post:

“More…social. It invites and even demands active participation from everyone. It has a global reach with viral capacity, and yet it’s bringing local communities closer together. It enables people to connect, organize, and make a difference as never before. Indeed, social media is a powerful force, one that the world’s CEOs are starting to acknowledge and take seriously.”

There are 10 social media applications highlighted in his post including twitter, hugg and socialVibe to name a few. More importantly the article shows how each of those applications (and others) are used by users to contribute to the global consciousness / contributing to a cause. We recommend you read his article here and see how people, organizations and business are using these social strategies to change the world…and then, tweet about it!

On a related note, The Inquisiter posted this article on Weds. May 14th called SocialVibe: Advertsing Widgets for a Good Cause. Not sure how this service will pan out for SocialVibe but look forward to watching it develolp.

Personal note: it really excites me to see so many social entrepreneurs designing and launching applications that are designed to change the world!

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